Cistera provides Healthcare with solutions for Response Notifications, Scheduling Centers, Administration, Record Retention and Campus Security.

Industry vertical segments:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • VA Medical Facilities
  • Health Insurance & Administration
  • Medical and Dental Practices
  • Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Life Sciences
  • Extended Care and Rehabilitation Facilities

Cistera has a long history of delivering robust solutions to Healthcare. With installations in most major metropolitan areas, Cistera’s unified communication applications can be found in hospital administration, scheduling and processing, Outpatient and Wellness facilities, Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine sites and Academic Medical Institutions.

Patient Care and Response is largely dependent on the ability to access information in a timely and consistent manner. Call records provide a key source of information especially when coupled to the patients care files. State Medical Record Laws have specific retention requirements (EHR) which include call records.


Cistera’s Cirrus / 2.0 provides options for specific needs

  • Automatic Call Recording with Screen Capture for Admissions or Scheduling
  • On-Demand recording with the ability to email the file to key personnel
  • Compliance Mechanism for HIPPA, Health IT Regulations and the Affordable Care Act
  • Audit trails for case reviews or insurance processing
  • Supervisory capability for call centers
  • Analytics including reporting and business intelligence
  • Event Alerting and Notification for Emergency Response Codes including color flash for phone screens


Campus Safety & Security

Incident management requires clear and timely communication inside and outside of a facility. Post incident investigations need access to event recordings in order to piece together the timelines and responses taken. Cistera provides two unique solutions that allow Radio to Phone communication capability.

  • Cistera LMRConnect provides bridging between IP, Analog, Mobile Phone and Two-Way Radios
  • Cistera LMRRecord is the first recording and monitoring solution designed specifically for the Cisco IPICS platform and the only solution that has completed verification testing.


PCI Compliance:

Account validation and verification requires that patients provide personal information including Social Security Numbers. Payment procedures require providing credit card or financial institution information. PCI Compliance requires that this information be absent in the recording record. Cistera provides PCI compliance using the following mechanisms:

  • Pause Resume is an on-the-phone feature allowing the bank officer or customer service representative the capability of pausing the recording while they get the customer information then resuming the same recording when completed.
  • DTMF Masking block sensitive account data through the use of DTMF and call redirection methods for cases where the customer used the keypad on their phone to provide this information.


 Multi Presence Capability:

Healthcare Administration is a complex process.  Call center supervisors are constantly required to assist with patient situations, scheduling or administration issues. Cistera provides the capability to have both on-demand or full time call recording, with screen dynamics (capture) allowing multi line presence phone administration. Each assigned line can have a specific recording type with screen dynamics on demand.


Cistera’s Cirrus / 2.0 Solution Groups:

Event Alerting and Notification (EAN) –

  • RapidBroadcast – Live or predefined announcements across multiple devices and mediums
  • LMR Connect – Bridging of PTT Radio to Unified Communications platforms
  • QuickConnect – real time, high performance management of outbound dialing (attended or unattended) for notifications, emergency situations and disaster response.

Quality Assurance Compliance and Management (QAM) –

  • QAMRecord – full time capture of streaming calls through SPAN, BIB and Network Recording enablement
  • QuickRecord – ad-hoc / on demand recording of streaming calls
  • LMRRecord – Real time radio traffic recording and playback coupled with the capabilities of Cisco IPICs and other LMR IP Systems.

Cistera Advanced Workflow –

  • Advanced Reporting Server – combines predefined and customizable reporting based on multiple input sources to deliver real time analytics for network administrators and operations management
  • Advanced Supervisor Workflow – Highly Scalable Screen Capture with API integration for full time or on demand recording requirements, WebRTC based Call Center Supervision and mobile integration

 Cistera Business Intelligence –

  • Advance Reporting capability
  • Call Detail Records
  • Call Management Records
  • Speech to Text translation including trend analysis
  • Dynamic monitoring of workflow and trends for operations

These solution groups, coupled with single, centralized administration capability provides the enterprise with a one-stop comprehensive answer for addressing real-time business requirements that scales on demand.

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Founded in 2005, Cistera Networks is a leading Unified Communications – Business Process Collaboration software developer and Cisco Systems Preferred Solution Partner delivering advanced capabilities through its authorized partners to over 1000 customers in 14 countries, across 5 continents including North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Cistera Products are available through Cistera Authorized Partners.