Cistera’s Cloud Application Fabric

Cistera Makes Integrating Business Processes Easy

Cistera Networks is a leading provider of Cloud Enterprise Communications. The company blends powerful application fabric with industry-specific business processes, to deliver the benefits of real-time convergence to the user. Cistera’s industry-leading cloud application fabric delivers the most reliable, scalable and secure application services for communications available today. Its broad portfolio of application services enables users to improve customer service and satisfaction, increase productivity and collaboration, and improve responsiveness to critical incidents and to provide a safer environment.

Based on open standards and a proven cloud technology foundation, the award-winning Cistera Application Fabric has a single unified administration, which delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. It enables customers to create robust and scalable environments that are flexible enough to adapt to their changing needs by scaling up to support from fewer than one hundred to thousands of users, and scaling out to support multiple sites, making it ideal for a broad range of organizations.

Our Vision

Cistera’s award-winning platform, The Cistera Application Fabric delivers the most reliable, scalable and secure services for UC-centric workflow, analysis and reporting capability available today.

Our Philosophy

The Future of the enterprise is a highly scalable, secure and reliable cloud infrastructure for the real-time delivery of application capability.

Our Mission

Cistera Networks is a leading provider of communications workflow infrastructure for large-scale enterprises and government.

Cistera Cloud Application Fabric

The Cistera software platform is the heart of the Cistera solution. It provides the core administration and security components, database management services, rules engine and SIP media services.


Event Alerting and Notification

Cistera Networks’ Event Alerting and Notification (EAN) solution for Unified Communications is the leading solution for the delivery of timely and actionable information for organizations of all sizes.

Cistera Networks recognizes the need to integrate and unify disparate com- munications systems. Ensuring timely alerting and notification of actionable information to group members is important on a day-to-day basis, and even more important during emergencies. Cistera’s unique approach to addressing and deploying an EAN solution uses the Cistera Fabric as the delivery platform and IP as the core “glue” to bind these systems together.

Quality Assurance and Management

Quality Assurance and Management(QAM) solutions allow organizations to bet- ter respond to the needs of customers, partners, and their own internal require- ments. QAM recording and monitoring capabilities build feedback loops that automate compliance and audit functions. These solution sets include recording, monitoring, screen capture, supervisory intervention and reporting tools that increase an organization’s ability to view and respond to customer needs and provide an audit trail for internal purposes.
Cistera expands the features and functionality of a Unified Communications environment by delivering critical Quality Assurance and Management capabilities.