Highly Available Virtualized Capability

Advanced Virtualized Unified Communications Workflow

Cistera Networks is a leading provider of Cloud Enterprise Communications. The company blends powerful application fabric with industry-specific business processes, to deliver the benefits of real-time convergence to the user. Cistera’s industry leading cloud application fabric delivers the most reliable, scalable and secure application services for communications available today. Its broad portfolio of application services enables users to improve customer service and satisfaction, increase productivity and collaboration, improve responsiveness to critical incidents and to provide a safer environment.

The Cistera solution has two key components; The Cistera Application Fabric and Cistera Application Components.

Cistera Application Fabric:

The Cistera Application Fabric is based on Enterprise Linux, a highly tolerant and secure implementation of the advanced server operating system and virtualization engine, high speed enterprise database, SIP media engine and Cistera administration components.

Cistera’s advanced Application Fabric is the most advanced cloud solution for provide advanced Unified Communications workflow and applications for Event Alerting and Notification and Quality Assurance and Management.  The Cistera Application Fabric scales up to support organizations with thousands of users and scales down for offices with fewer than one hundred users, making it the alternative for a broad range of enterprises and organizations.

Cistera Application Components:

Cistera Cloud Application Components reside on the Cistera Application Fabric and utilize the underlying capability to deliver advanced workflow functionality to desktops, fixed and mobile devices.

The overall Cistera Cloud framework utilizes the latest in virtualized servers and Software Defined Networks (SDN) to deliver capability when and where needed. With Software Defined Networks (SDN) the limitations of hardware centric networking such as mirroring and spanning have been removed. Applications can now target capability any- where in the cloud. Virtualization has delivered a new level of capability in administration; User Management, Security, Reporting, Backup and Recovery.



Single Point Administration reduces the complexity and manageability of Unified Communications Environment

User Management

Integrated User Administration, One Cloud One User dramatically improves ease of use and manageability.


Integrated security into the cloud moves from basic perimeter security to embedded multiple SDN security fabric


Integrated Reporting Engine offers a dramatically improved view of Unified Communications Environment. If it is captured it can be reported.

Backup and Archiving

Centralized imaging, backup and recovery dramatically improves customer capability in the cloud