Actionable Business Intelligence

Cistera Reporting Server (CRS) is a virtualized and embeddable reporting platform. It provides reporting and analytics that act as a central information hub for the enterprise by delivering mission critical information on a real-time or scheduled basis to the browser, mobile device, printer, or email inbox in a variety of file formats.

The CRS provides a business analytics platform that allows business manages to develop critical business reporting and analysis from the underlying Cistera platform.


  1. Centrally managed reporting and analysis server
  2. Schedule and automatically deliver interactive reports in a variety of output formats to thousands of users leveraging a calendar or cron based trigger
  3. Integrate with existing identity management systems such as LDAP and CAS for single sign on to reports
  4. Role based access control to all objects in the repository
  5. Cloud ready BI platform
  6. Pre-integrated OLAP Analysis capabilities such as single click drill through to detail and pivoting/swapping of axis.
  7. Ability to make on the fly modifications to underlying data cube as part of Analysis capabilities.

The Cistera Reporting Server looks after all the executive and management reporting capability on a separate instance of the Cistera Server. Whereas the Cistera Application components look after the operational aspects of reporting; the CRS looks after full compliance, management and executive reporting.

Level 1: Static Reporting (Cistera Applications)
Level 2: Managed Interactive Reports. (Cistera Reporting Server)
Level 3: Highly Interactive Reports and Dashboards. (Cistera Reporting Server)
Level 4: Self-Service Reporting and Ad-hoc views. (Cistera Reporting Server)
Level 5: Advanced Analytics. (Cistera Reporting Server)