Delivering Timely Actionable Information

Cistera Networks’ Event Alerting and Notification (EAN) solution for Unified Communications is the leading solution for the delivery of timely and actionable information for organizations of all sizes.

Revolutionary Multimodal Event Alerting and Notification

Cistera Networks recognizes the need to integrate and unify disparate communications systems. Ensuring timely alerting and notification of actionable information to group members is important on a day-to-day basis, and even more important during emergencies. Cistera’s enterprise application platform for Unified Communications, the Cistera Cloud Application Fabric, and the EAN solution set support simultaneous multi- modal messaging to IP, mobile and analog phones, computers, PDA’s, overhead speakers and two-way radios. Cistera’s unique approach to addressing and deploying an EAN solution uses the Cistera Fabric as the delivery platform and IP as the core “glue” to bind these systems together.

Improved Responsiveness and Effectiveness

With Cistera’s EAN solution, customers can tailor their communications infrastructure to facilitate their alerting and notification processes. Cistera’s EAN toolset can be used to enhance daily communications, and also improve response to threats or emergencies. RapidBroadcast is a key component of Cistera Networks’ EAN solution. It enhances an IP Communications system by a providing multi-modal means of quickly reaching out to all members of an organization regardless of their communications device. It combines both live and pre-recorded message delivery over IP, analog and cell phones, overhead speakers, and two-way radio networks. Additionally, it can deliver messages to text-enabled devices.

Enhanced Interoperability

Two-way radios are a communications cornerstone for public agencies, emergency operations and businesses around the world. Until now, proprietary technology confined push-to-talk radios to their own networks—keeping them separated from convergence with IP telephony. By incorporating the two-
way radio protocol into the IP telephony environment, existing two-way radio investments are protected, while their utility is extended. This integration is an important component of a full-featured communications solution.


Many organizations, including schools, manufacturing and retail facilities, utilize over- head speakers as an efficient way to inform and alert their constituents. These systems require a complex infrastructure. In addition, while conventional overhead speakers can support zones, they cannot support targeted broadcasts to specific members of the organization. Cistera’s Event Alerting and Notification solution can augment or replace existing overhead speakers by seamlessly integrating them into an IP Communications environment.

Always Aware Regardless of Device

Event Alerting and Notification capabilities are required 24/7, and therefore
a successful solution must extend its reach beyond the IP phone network. A reliable solution must include the ability to simultaneously notify all constituents regardless of their communications device. This includes IP, analog and cell phones, computers and PDAs, two-way radios, and overhead speakers. Cistera’s EAN solution seamlessly integrates any communications device that receives real-time information.