Managing Business Intelligence

Cistera Makes Using Information Easy

Quality Assurance and Management(QAM) solutions allow organizations to bet- ter respond to the needs of customers, partners, and their own internal require- ments. QAM recording and monitoring capabilities build feedback loops that automate compliance and audit functions. These solution sets include record- ing, monitoring, screen capture, supervisory intervention and reporting tools that increase an organization’s ability to view and respond to customer needs and provide an audit trail for internal purposes.

Cistera expands the features and functionality of a Unified Communications envi- ronment by delivering critical Quality Assurance and Management capabilities.

Quality Assurance and Customer Interactions

Customer service is the single most important determinant of success in busi- ness. Ensuring a positive customer experience requires that all employees who interact with customers have access to real-time information, and know how to use it to provide a positive outcome.

In a unified communication environment, streamlined communications processes can be integrated closely into business processes to deliver measurable and dramatic benefits. This synergy is termed communications-enabled business processes.

Customers are becoming increasingly savvy and sophisticated, and the internet has empowered them with easy access to product research and shopping tools. Customer service is one area in which companies can differentiate themselves. By harnessing technology to deliver superior service, companies can utilize IP Communications to incorporate new and innovative ways of doing business. Communications-enabled business processes can deliver measurable and dramatic benefits to businesses that employ them.

QAM solutions deliver enhanced capabilities for employees who deal directly with customers; they also expand and enhance supervisory and training resources via tools that can be used in training sessions and during real-time customer interactions.

Cistera’s Quality Assurance and Management Solution delivers a comprehensive toolset that can enhance customer satisfaction and frontline employee productivity.


Critical Compliance Needs

Compliance is a reality for every major business and government sector today. From external requirements such as government mandated reporting for industries including financial services and healthcare; to internal audit and evidentiary demands in retail and government environments, the ability to archive and locate data on demand is essential. Furthermore, many businesses increasingly provide services on behalf of other companies or government bodies. In these circumstances, a comprehensive audit solution is required.