Public and Campus Safety Organizations rely on Cistera for essential end-to-end capability connecting operations and field teams across phone and mobile communication platforms.

Industry segments:

  • Police
  • Fire Department
  • EMS
  • K-12, College and University Campus Security
  • Medical Campus and Facilities including Hospitals and Clinics
  • First Responders
  • Sports Venues and Stadiums
  • Energy Production
  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial Sites
  • Local, State and Federal Facilities

911 – what is your emergency?

This call occurs thousands of times a day. Response is determined by location, agency and the nature of the call. From inner city to industrial sites, sports stadiums to college campuses, clear and accurate communication allows quick and concise response to each instance.

Once on site, incident management requires clear and timely communication inside and outside of a facility. Post incident investigations need access to event recordings in order to piece together the timelines and responses taken.

Cistera provides two unique solutions that allow Radio to Phone communication capability.

  • Cistera LMRRecord is the first recording and monitoring solution designed specifically for the Cisco IPICS platform and the only solution that has completed verification testing.
  • Cistera LMRConnect provides bridging between IP, Analog, Mobile Phone and Two-Way Radios

Cistera LMRRecord:

In 2007 Cistera introduced and completed the first deployment of its award-winning Cistera Convergence Platform with LMRRecord an application engine specifically designed for the Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS). The deployment, a Mobile Command Vehicle supporting first responders and emergency communicators in Alaska, provided a key communication link between those in the field and base.

Following this, ARINC, one of the largest Cisco IPICS resellers certified Cistera LMRRecord for their AWINS system architecture. Leveraging the integration of Cistera’s LMRRecord onto the Cisco IPICS platform via the AWINS system architecture, end-users had the ability to record and audit any conversation on their network.

This integrated solution creates a bridge between today’s incompatible voice and data systems—such as Land Mobile Radios, PBXs, PSTN telephones, cellular phones, digital wireless, and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems. It improves interoperable communications between law enforcement, public safety, emergency response and local government radio systems.

It also creates an audit trail for all IP communications and thus in the event an evidentiary process is required following an emergency, an archived conversation can be easily retrieved and played back.

Cistera’s LMRConnect:

As an EAN component LMRConnect is key for linking fire, police and emergency responder push-to-talk radios to the IP network. LMRConnect provides for direct communication between these personnel, regardless of frequency, eliminating the need for manual dispatcher intervention and improving efficiency and response times. Recording capabilities allow for radio communications to be preserved for response documentation and training purposes.

Campus Safety & Security:

Public Schools, Colleges, Universities, Medical Campuses and Government utilize these Cistera solutions to link communications between on-site Safety and Security personnel and Administration.

Cistera Secure Campus:

Campus security starts with points of entry. Cistera’s Secure Campus is a component of Cistera Event Alert and Notification (EAN) allowing administrators to passcode activate campus entry lockdown from a phone and, at the time all-clear is issued, remove the lockdown. Campus Secure works in conjunction with Physical Security Systems for perimeter lockdown and the campus phones. It allows secure activation of full or partial lockdown from a desk phone or mobile device. Once activated, doors are locked, EAN alerts are sent to Administration and Security teams and calls on administration lines can be automatically recorded. In addition, notification can be sent to the local EMS dispatch for response.

Cistera’s Cirrus / 2.0 Solution Groups:

Event Alerting and Notification (EAN) –

  • RapidBroadcast – Live or predefined announcements across multiple devices and mediums
  • LMR Connect – Bridging of PTT Radio to Unified Communications platforms
  • QuickConnect – real time, high performance management of outbound dialing (attended or unattended) for notifications, emergency situations and disaster response.

Quality Assurance Compliance and Management (QAM) –

  • QAMRecord – full time capture of streaming calls through SPAN, BIB and Network Recording enablement
  • QuickRecord – ad-hoc / on demand recording of streaming calls
  • LMRRecord – Real time radio traffic recording and playback coupled with the capabilities of Cisco IPICs and other LMR IP Systems.

Cistera Advanced Workflow –

  • Advanced Reporting Server – combines predefined and customizable reporting based on multiple input sources to deliver real time analytics for network administrators and operations management
  • Advanced Supervisor Workflow – Highly Scalable Screen Capture with API integration for full time or on demand recording requirements, WebRTC based Call Center Supervision and mobile integration

 Cistera Business Intelligence –

  • Advance Reporting capability
  • Call Detail Records
  • Call Management Records
  • Speech to Text translation including trend analysis
  • Dynamic monitoring of workflow and trends for operations

These solution groups, coupled with single, centralized administration capability provides the enterprise with a one-stop comprehensive answer for addressing real-time business requirements that scales on demand.

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