Cistera Networks Regional Government Solutions

Cistera Networks makes application-driven telephony a reality by setting the new standard for advanced IP phone application platforms and engines for enterprise voice-over-IP environments. The award-winning Cistera ConvergenceServer provides unified application administration as well as fault and performance management for enterprise IP Communications application services deployments. The next-generation platform helps government organizations take advantage of IP networks to deploy event-alerting and notification solutions including real-time recording and monitoring for quality assurance, compliance, and auditing  Download

Acuity Plus - Case Management and Real-time Data Analysis

AcuityPlus enhances the Quality Assurance and Management capabilities of the Cistera Convergence Server by taking existing collection, assembling, and reporting capacity and provide contextual case-centric view of assembled data.  Download

Enterprise Application Platforms

If there was one thing that characterized the explosion in innovation since the advent of the Internet 10 years ago, it is open and flexible standards. Indeed Open Source is arguably the single most important innovation in the history of technology. The creation of open application infrastructure that not only can be extended and enhanced at will, but with arguably a higher degree of standardization and compliance than was previously possible.  Download

Convergence Improves Public Safety Communications

Government officials, employees and volunteers need efficient communications to meet the challenges of prompt and effective responses to crime, natural disasters, accidents and terrorism. Governments must also meet ongoing responsibilities of crime and terror prevention and satisfy the demands and expectations for public services in a healthy and fair economic climate  Download

Convergence on Campus: How IP Solutions Enhance Education

Education is an investment in the future, providing a foundation to help build tomorrow’s citizens, employees and leaders in a world of accelerating technology. Education administrators are acutely aware that meeting tomorrow’s goals requires resolving today’s problems  Download

Financial Services: Improving Customer Metrics through Advanced IP Communications Solutions

Customer service is the single most important determinant of success in the financial services sector. In a service-oriented environment, consistently delivering a positive customer experience must be a cornerstone of the business. This can be defined simply as giving customers what they want when they need it. Ensuring the satisfaction of financial services customers is contingent upon operations personnel having real-time, relevant access to information about customers and critical operations across the enterprise.  Download

Hosted Business VoIP: The Next Wave in Revenue

It is only recently that Hosted Business VoIP (HBVoIP) has become a viable alternative for delivery of telecom services to small and medium businesses. In fact, it has become the mainstay of many service provider offerings. Indeed, there are now a large number of service providers that explicitly work with IP-based offerings and develop comprehensive solutions for business users.   Download